Tyler Hill Interview

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(Tyler Hill latest YouTube video)

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How old are you? 22

How long have you been riding? I got my first bike when I was 6 but never aspired to do tricks until I was 14 so about 8 years

What got you into riding? My uncle Jim Rosenthal rides Bmx and got me my first bike. He used to have some dirt jumps at my grandmas house and I would just ride up and down them enjoying every second of it. Which eventually turned into him taking me to skatepark.

Why do you ride dirt more often than others? I really enjoy to ride anything but unlike a concrete park a dirt course can be changed a lot easier so you always have the opportunity to change what your riding and just be creative.

What is the dream place to ride? Honestly it’s anywhere with warm weather, a nice park concrete/dirt/wood mix, and a group of homies that ride daily.

What is a problem that you see with BMX today? I would say the image BMX has from non bmxers. I think alot of people see BMX as a rebel type of sport. Like all parents want their kids to be a basketball player or soccer or whatever but you don’t hear I want my kid to be a BMXer unless the parent is a BMXer.

What is a memorable BMX moment that you remember? Any stories? I’d have to say the first time I landed a 360. It was a regular session with all my homies and I was trying it for probably a hour without landing one then it started to rain and everyone retreated to a dry area and I kept trying it in the rain for probably another 15 min and finally landed it.

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What are some ways that you deal with injury? I honestly don’t always deal with injuries how I should I tend to not take as much time off as I should and make it worse, but its something I’ve been working on getting better at. I’ve been really trying to stay in good shape and eat healthy to prevent injuries.

How had riding affected your life? Positively? Riding has been probably the most positive thing for my life. It has taught me the process of creating something from scratch. Dreaming of a trick, trying that trick and realizing its a lot harder than you thought, and working hard to land that trick literally turning your dream into reality. Which I feel transfers into all aspects of life that process can be used for anything just replace (trick) with whatever you want to do.

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX? Winning or placing in competitions are cool. But for me I’d have to say doing a run in a competition and doing every trick I want to do how I want to do them would be my biggest accomplishment. I have not done that yet unfortunately.

What is the meaning of you creating a youtube channel? I’ve always enjoyed filming, editing, and creating videos. I used to make them when I was younger just for myself and didn’t even think about putting them up for other people to see. I didnt think people would be interested in them like I was, but I got inspired by Austin Augie to just make a video and put it out and I got all of 5 views and the feed back from those 5 people was great even though the video sucked lol. I love being able to create something myself and inspire someone to go out and create, whatever they aspire to do for them to just do it.

Are there any extra words you would like to have in the article? To anyone reading this go out and create something and most of all enjoy it.

Check me out on instagram and all social media @thatgth1ll 


shout out to backyardbmx.co for the interview!

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