The Factory Skatepark

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When did they park open? January of 2011!! Only a few of us walked alone into a very small and completely empty warehouse space in Northeast Minneapolis with one idea in mind, to simply ride our bikes together at the convenience of our own time, family, and work schedules.

Has the skatepark turned out the way you imagined it so far? We never really imagined a “skatepark” just a small area to ride our bikes. Definitely evolved into something none of us ever imagined.

How does one contact the skatepark best? Website for sure

What is the 24/7 program? That is how we started the place, if you want to pay $25/week or $100/month, you can have a key and ride 24/7. It’s incredible, no place like it in the world.

What are the cost of the skatepark? If you do not want a key, it’s simply $20 for a session.

How far is the nearest indoor skatepark? 3rd Lair is maybe 15 minutes away, that is the only other park in the Twin Cities here, you have to drive hours to get to another one. It’s great though with 3rd Lair we have an awesome relationship they are the “skate” park in town, and we are the “bike” park, between the both of us you have everything you’d ever want to ride.

Who are the founders of The Factory? Myself and Evan Moyle. We had 50 people who said they were down to help support it from day one, however only about 5 of them actually followed through with their word.

Who are some of the Pros that have rode there or still ride there? Drew Bezanson, Daniel Dhers, Brett Banasiewicz, Kenneth Tencio, Alex Landeros, Sean McElroy & all the Chicago Bubs, Mykel Larrin, Austin Coleman, Phil Smage, Trevor Meyer, the Peraza Family, there are so many. Thank you all, it’s been an honor to host you!

What is the next project in the park? (Bigger trail course or maybe a street section?) Trails will eventually turn into a huge project but for now just dialing in the park side for sure. Shoutout to Jason Tufty & everyone helping chip in around there lately, we’ve all seen the place evolving the past couple years now it’s just incredible to see what we can accomplish together. Thank you all.

Do you guys do contest there? If so any planned yet? We’ve done some jams, in general contests just turn into drama. You only have one winner, people complain about the judging, & very few appreciate all the hard work that actually goes into throwing a contest. “Jams” are way more fun for sure, that’s the atmosphere we always try to keep at The Factory.

How far is it from the US bank stadium? 2 Miles! Closest indoor park to X Games!

Where do you want the factory to be in 5 years? (Such as more enhancements to the park, etc) I want it to still be around !! Lol average park shuts down after 2 years, I’d rather just keep our place sustainable for 20 years than unsustainable for 2 or 5. We do okay in the winter now but summer is still just brutal which is why every park eventually shuts down, everyone wants to ride outside so we do stunt shows at fairs & festivals in the summers to help keep things going.

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