Ryan Needle Interview

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(Ryan Needle’s latest YouTube video, channel name: Needle Media)


How old are you? I’m 18 Years of Age.

How long have you been riding? I’ve been riding for about 5 years id say. Becomes a blur after a while haha.

What got you into riding? Always loved to ride my bike, I used to just love bombing hills and stuff and I learned to ride a bike really fast without training wheels. 

Why do you ride dirt more often than others? I honestly ride anything I can get my hands on. 

What is the dream place to ride? My dream place to ride is definitely Woodward, I plan to go soon!

What is a problem that you see with BMX today? There is a lot of “cliques” that only share one proposition of BMX and despise others ideas and interests in the sport. In addition many rather justify it as a “dead” sport instead of trying to bring it alive. 

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What is a memorable BMX moment that you remember? Any stories? Meeting Scotty Cranmer, I went on a trip to NJ, and NYC in addition to collab with Visionary Brand. My buddy and I were at NJ for about 2 days and we had plans to go to The Incline Club, that day joking around saying “it would be funny if we met the whole crew” and we got there and saw a couple legends alone, we saw Dom, and then we saw BK, and Matty. Instantly I knew they were filming that night and shortly after that moment Scotty showed up. It was very memorable seeing someone who is such a legend and inspiration to so so many people. Scotty is such an amazing dude, on and off camera. We got pictures and talked with Scotty for about an hour which was crazy. 

What are some ways that you deal with injury? Honestly I injure myself at least once a year, I even have it scheduled out. Every single spring. It’s pretty ridiculous but after a while you kinda get over it and it’s like a “relax” time off your bike. You get to chill and think about new tricks to learn and also have time to fix and work on your bike.  

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX? My biggest accomplishment in BMX is definitely being able to share my love for it with 35,000 people across the internet and being able to get some individuals into the sport.

What is the meaning behind your YouTube channel? Needle Media originated a while ago as a buddy of mine had a catchy Youtube name as well, he mentioned Needle Media and ever since then it had this ring to it.

When you started your channel, are you still making the kind of content as you intended to or did you switch up the niche? Well in the beginning it was strictly BMX content, I just rode in every video and occasionally made how-tos. After about a year and realizing I wasn’t growing much I changed and started exploring into more videos, I got into making top 5 videos, and overall just videos about BMX instead of me just riding bikes.

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How did you get into Photography? My dad owns a Wedding Photography business, luckily I guess you can say I had a “headstart” but I started assisting him at weddings when I was 14, met a ton of really talented photographers along this 4 year journey where I sculpted my vision into photography and it’s just something I’ve always had a passion for. Overtime I come to realize I couldn’t just do photography and get any business, because my dad does that. I started to do videos, and film making. Now i’m a videographer and photographer. To be honest I love videography more than photography! But I would definitely have to say I am so much better with photography.

Are you wanting to get into BMX photography? Well, after just taking the same photos at weddings it definitely got bland and boring fast. I started to resort to try and get business through trying to do other shoots but nothing really excited me. Once I started shooting BMX it was like.. Wow this is actually kind of difficult. I like it. Because now a-days anybody can pick up a camera and say there a professional, it’s easy to shoot a wedding when you do it a million times. But when it comes to shooting BMX, or let’s say any sports it’s harder to get the right angles, and shoot at the perfect timing.

How did you grow your BMX YouTube channel? I grew a ton by just working so hard, every video takes about 5 hours to edit on average, My sleep schedule is basically staying up and editing until 3 in the morning, going to sleep, waking up at 8/9, uploading a video to youtube and making a thumbnail, then to figure out what to make for the next day. It’s just all about working the algorithm and having fun with it. 

What are some social media tactics you use to grow your following in the BMX niche? I actually get asked this question a lot, many people ask me how to gain more subscribers or to get there name out, and what I tell everyone, is to be better than me. You have to look at everything i’m doing, and do it better and more. Some tips and tactics I can give ya is sharing your stuff out, to FB pages, to Instagram pages, to everything. I remember going on Instagram, looking up the hashtag #BMX and literally commenting on every picture someone posted and saying “hey your bike looks awesome! You should check out my bike check!” or something along the lines of that. Overtime you really don’t have to try AS hard as when you come up, but still to this day I share my videos across EVERY social media platform, along with FB pages, etc.

Do you have any moments from when you wanted to quit doing YouTube? If so, care to explain? I have these thoughts almost every day man, Youtube just isn’t how it was before. It constantly depresses me when I’ll go on youtube and see the “cliques” of people commenting on the videos saying negative things. In the end I always come to my senses that I started making videos because I enjoyed it and I won’t stop because of someone that i’ve never met. And I won’t stop because I have amazing friends (aka subscribers) that love the videos! 

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