Paul Chidsey Interview

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How old are you? I just turned 15 years old 

How long have you been riding? I have just hit about 4 years in my riding

What got you into riding? I had a friend named Grayden ( he’s a little shedder himself ) that had a bunch of ramps at his house and I bought a bike which was a stolen sinner and Grayden made me drop in on the ramps and then I instantly fell in love 

What is the dream place to ride? My dream place to probably ride is Woodward even though I’ve been there before or joyride 150 in Canada 

What is a problem that you see with BMX today? Well I see a couple of problems with bmx today, the first one is how much pressure is on everyone to get to the pro level and it seems people don’t even ride for the fun factor as they just ride to hopefully be pro one day  which is sad, I mean honestly it isn’t nearly as fun as I’ve heard it being in the 90’s, the other problem I see is that it seems that company’s don’t want a rider for his riding and skill, I feel that the company wants the rider depending on how popular he is and the following he has but maybe that’s just me

What is a memorable BMX moment that you remember? Any stories? Umm well the best memories are just learning a bunch of new tricks while riding and have good laughs with your friends and just enjoying yourself, but on the story side, the funniest one is probably at Woodward last year we had this consoler ( if u are seeing this sorry Andrew ) that no one really liked and we ended up stealing his mattress and hiding it and filling his pillow with rocks, it was pretty worth it if u ask me 

What are some ways that you deal with injury? Well injuries are definitely part of the sport and the way that I deal with them is watching BMX edits of other people, thinking of tricks I wanna learn and ways I can better myself and my riding, and also playing a lot of video games 

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX? Well except for learning big tricks or at least tricks that are big in my opinion ( many more coming ) probably just watching myself grow from where I was about 4 years ago to where I am now, that just personally a massive accomplishment for me 

What is your favorite part about Ray’s MTB Park? Well except for the amazing skateparks that they have probably my favorite part about the park is the vibe that is just there, personally I feel the more people that are there riding, the more of that vibe is there of just pure progression, it’s an amazing feeling 

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What drives your passion for progression? The thing that drives my passion for progression except the chance of maybe making it to the big levels is probably my friends that I ride with and I have one in particular and his name is Tommy Crail, I honestly don’t know why but he just has something about him that makes my passion for the sport get to another level I never thought I could reach, so shout out to you Tommy, love you man 

What was your favorite thing about Woodward? My favorite thing about Woodward was probably just the amount of progression I have every time I’m there and also the fact that I have almost 0 fear in me when I’m there which I just love 

Will you be attending Woodward next year? Yes, I’m almost for sure I will be attending Woodward this year, the only thing that would be holding me back is the cost but I think we can make it work, I’m going to Woodward week 2 by the way so if u see me there say hi ! 

What was the process to become sponsored by GoPro? The process of being spidered by GoPro was a very interesting process, I have a Hookit account which just puts you out there to company’s and I hit up GoPro and told them who is was and stuff and then they emailed me a sponsorship offer and it almost didn’t feel real, at the moment Im still trying to figuring everything out and how it all works but I’m looking forward to it !

What are some things that you have planned for 2018? So of the things I have planned for 2018 is just to learn as many tricks as I can and have as much fun as possible, I also wanna start competing more but it is very hard for me and my mom because money and also travel but we will try our hardest !

What are your thoughts on Tokyo 2020 being a young BMX rider that is very progressive? My thoughts on Tokyo 2020 are that it is amazing that this sport has came this far and I’m so proud to be a part of this sport while this is happening and I’m very glad to be able to witness it 

Any extra words? You can follow me on my Instagram @paul_chidsey to keep updated in my riding !!


Credits: barspin – Chris Lenaghan

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