Patrick Ellis

How old are you? I’m 29 years of age.

How long have you been riding? Going on 15 years now. 

What got you into riding? Seeing the Gravity Games for the first time. Chad Kagy sending double flips with Pennywise in the background got me stoked! 

What is the dream place to ride? Two curb islands in an empty parking lot, spaced perfectly apart for endless manual/jib lines. Curbs can keep me entertained for a while, haha. 

What is a problem that you see with BMX today? That’s a tough one. This may vary depending on your scene, but it frustrates me to see skilled riders being rude to kids who are just starting out. I suppose that goes for skateboarding or anything else in life though. Just be nice to people who are new to it. 

What is a memorable BMX moment that you remember? Any stories? My aunt and uncle used to live in Rockford, IL, which happens to be where The PIT Skatepark was located. I was maybe 14 at the time and had never been to an indoor skatepark. The guy behind the counter was super nice and gave me a bunch of stickers and my parents bought me a copy of Midwhere, which was the first bmx video I ever owned. Still one of my favorites to this day.



What are some ways that you deal with injury? Spending time outside or cruising around on a different bike. 

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX? The lifelong friendships that have come with it. 

What was your involvement with the BMX contest at Battleground Skatepark? Earlier in the season, Matt from Battleground contacted me about the idea of a bmx contest and asked if i’d be willing to judge. They hadn’t dug into getting any other judges or an announcer yet, so I had a few friends in mind who may be able to help. Huge thank you to Andrew Sneller and Ryan Funnell for judging the event with me, and a big shoutout to Scott Towne for announcing/contributing prizes! Another thank you to Merritt, Profile, Madera, DXVDBRXVD Clothing, Animal Bikes, and 42North for their product as well! 

What is your favorite thing about manuals? Their versatility. You can do them anywhere. The possibilities are endless. 

For a guy starting out could you give 3 tips on how to get their manuals better? Practice. Keep your knees bent. Learn to jump off the back of the bike when you loop out. 

What is next for you in 2018? Hopefully a lot of road trips, filming, some progression, and no serious injuries! 

Are there any extra words you would like to have in the article? Thank you to anyone who has let me crash on their couch, provided a meal, let me use their shower, included me on trips, shown me around their city, helped me with bike parts, or just helped out in general. I’m grateful have met so many awesome people who share the same love for bmx! Shoutout to Ryan Mayo for doing this interview as well.