Lil Pros Tour

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When did the Lil pros tour start? 2013!

How many tours have there been? And where? Oh mannnn… Definitely lost count. There are 30 some videos now. All over the USA, Canada, South America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, check out all the videos here:

What is the most popular tour? UK for sure… Unit 23 Skatepark in Scotland has like 7.5 Million Views now on YouTube. It’s one of the most viewed BMX videos on YouTube of all time.

Who are some riders that stand out? (I know this is a hard questions, they are all shredders!) Hahh yes they are ALL shredders, since I already mentioned 6 shredders earlier in the interview, I’m going to add in Bryce Tryon, Rylan Kindness, Clay & Koby Drain, Marcus Christopher, Eddie Rovi, Halahan Brothers, Seth & Mason Murray, Sonny Taylor, Wyatt Oliver, Whistler Shredders, New Zealand’s Riddle Brothers, Russia’s little rippers, dude there are so many around the world it’s just insane. Can’t keep up !! It’s been a pleasure meeting and riding with each of you. Shoutout to all of the parents out there, none of us would be into riding as much as we are without you. Thank you all for your continued support. 

Why do you do the lil pros tour? Honestly it was just a fun trip with Dallas Light… “What once started with an 11 year old who had never seen a mountain or ocean, soon turned into a spontaneous 30 hour drive across America with Dustin Grice and Dallas Light creating the first ever “Lil Pros Tour” throughout Southern California starring the youngest talent in bmx.” Then as I traveled to other contests & events over the years I’d love checking out local parks & riding scenes and just started filming stuff with my iPhone. Crazy cause at the time no one was doing anything for the kids media wise. Even today it’s still rare, BMX Groms stepped it up however not once has any of the BMX media sites ever shared one “Lil Pros” video that I have seen. Interesting to think about.

What are the rules to the tour? (Age, etc.) It’s simply fun sessions for the kids! We get brands to send in product & stickers, maybe even parents helping out with anything they feel would add to the fun, like a BBQ! Really just getting everyone to chip in & make a fun weekend for the kids. Then we then film an edit at each place we ride to remember our fun sessions together. BMX Plus even did a magazine article on one of the tours as well giving some of the kids their first ever photo in a magazine!

Where is the next tour going to be? Depends where I can afford to travel to lol no sponsor has funds it, I just do it on my own dime for fun. I quietly make websites, that’s my “real world” job and how I can afford to do all these things. However I would like to answer your question with another question, where would YOU like to see Lil Pros Tour ? Leave us a comment on Facebook, Instagram, or even our website

What do we have to expect from Lil Pros Tour? More stops, more fun, and more LIL PROS !! I just need more time to get everything done, seriously thank you all for your patience, I’m juggling quite a bit right now but working hard to make this all work long term.

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