Keith Schmidt

How old are you? I am 28 years old.

How long have you been riding? I have been riding for 17 years.

What got you into riding? I always was kind of on a bike doing wheelies and things. It was not until I saw Dave Mirra on the television at XGames performing the Double backflip. 

What inspires you to ride? Partly the feeling you get from a good session and mostly the homies standing beside you on the deck cheering you on. 

Who is your favorite rider? Why? It’s hard to choose a favorite rider these days but there are plenty that have inspired me all my journey such as my roommate Daniel Dhers, Jorge Jovel, and John Saxton it just so happens that I have lived with them all.  

What is your favorite place to ride? Woodward camp and of course my local park of 4 years DDASC. 

What is the dream place to ride? Any skatepark is always a good time 🙂 

What is one thing you love about BMX? How you can do you and the traveling and the friends you meet along the way.



Where is your favorite place you have traveled to in BMX? I would say my favorite places would be between China, India, Costa Rica or the Czech Republic over seas and inside the USA Seattle and Denver had some dope spots! 

What is a problem that you see with BMX today? People putting down others because they ride different or want to skate or scooter.  It does not matter. I ride a bike because I’m in love with everything about it. Not to tell you weather to skate or bike or want to ride street or park. I would like to just inspire people to do what they like to do. That’s how you get good. 

What is a memorable BMX moment that you remember? Any stories? Well Seth Klinger, Dan Sige, Logan Place all do shows around the map for AGA Nation. Partnered with the national guard we performed over 150 shows last year around the USA along with the other team of 4 completing the other 150 contracted shows. We where quiet busy and made so many memorable stories of working hard, driving a lot, performing, breaking down, and of corse riding parks in 47 states last year. We have memories of happiness 🙂   

What are some ways that you deal with injury? If it feels kinda okay I’ll push threw and ride until it stops hurting and if it’s worse I take time, rest, and use lots of ice until the trainer says I’m good to start back. 

How had riding affected your life? Positively? I am living my dream and for that I am so thankful for the little kids bike that has taken me to more places then I could ever dream of. 

What was your first BMX show? Were you nervous? I was with Rise Above entertainment. Now AGA Nation, and I was stoked but I think pro rider Ron Thomas, owner of the team was more nervous of me because he New I was going to send it and so did I :))  I did my first decade over the box in a school gym next to Ron and Zack Warden. 

Are there any extra words you would like to have in the article? I would like to say if you can vision it you can have it. Somethings take longer then others and some things pop up intently. 

Hustle 🙂 

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