Jacob Beissmann

How old are you? I am 21

How long have you been riding? I’ve been riding since about 2012. I didn’t really start getting serious until the summer of 2014, which is when I started hanging out at skateparks with friends and watching and trying the tricks they were doing.

What got you into riding? I got into riding from watching YouTube videos and friends at the local skatepark. My mom bought me my first bike which was a Hyper Bike co. So I started to ask around for people to help me learn some tricks.

What is the dream place to ride? I would say my dream place to ride would be San Diego, California or anywhere in Australia. I like that those places tend to stay warm and people are constantly pushing their limits which is what I love to be around.

What is a problem that you see with BMX today? The problem with Bmx today is kids seek it as a challenge to beat other riders and to be better than them, which isn’t necessarily bad but they often forget that Bmx is about having fun and not just winning and being better than everyone.



What is a memorable BMX moment that you remember? Any stories? My most memorable moment would be when I learned to flip a hip. I remember I was at my local for hours trying to nail this backflip over the hip and it was a hot day. I kept over rotating and then my homies showed up and pumped me up so about three or four tries later I got it and the stoke was so real from both me and my mates.

What are some ways that you deal with injury? I don’t usually take time off when I am injured. I tend to push through the pain which is really bad. Recently I had injured my ankle so I’ve been taking some time off to get ready for some competitions and to progress come summer.

How had riding affected your life? Positively? Riding Bmx definitely taught me that things can be challenging. Learning tricks is really frustrating and hard but I think Bmx teaches you patience. When you finally land that trick you’ve been trying the feeling is so great. Bmx has taught me that I can over come challenges and work hard for anything I want because at the end of the day it’s all worth it!

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX? My biggest accomplishment to me is seeing myself improve in each competition. Rather it be landing every trick I threw or placing better each comp. 

Are there any extra words you would like to have in the article? I would like to shout out all my sponsors for helping me and supporting me through this journey. Thank you to @fuelclothing @elevatedclothing @epyonroyal @badgrease @bmx_street_gear @bellbikehelmets @strangelifestrangeplace.co@gformprotects @robby.burleson @odigrips  @avlch_ 

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