BACO 2018 Four Seasons

BACO is a crazy jam/contest that has been around for years! This year was held at Four Seasons Skatepark. I was not able to attend but I hit up a couple of riders and the announcer to get their thoughts on BACO for a recap article. (This)


What was your favorite part about Baco? The whole experience. I didn’t ride a whole lot due to talking shit on the microphone all day, but with everyone in town, people doing rad stuff, and it being an all out party, it’s very hard to narrow down a favorite part.

Did the event succeed your expectations of it? The only expectation I had going into it was to see my friends kick ass on their bikes and get inebriated… Expectations were met and exceeded.

Can you describe the event in 1 word? No, but I can in 3… Total. Shit. Show. If you know about the past of Baco, you know what you’re getting into.

Are you going to come back next year? Fucking A right! 

-Gregory Dickson, Announcer

 What can I say it’s BACO! By far my favorite part about bACO has to be the energy exploding inside the skatepark during the jam. The jam that they call BACO never cease to blow my mind year after year, from the vibes to the family and the trick being put down! For anyone that has experienced BACO they’ll understand when I say it’s hard to describe in one word but I guess for me that word would be *MADNESS*!! And will I return to BACO next year? You can bet on it for many years to come. -Dylan Moskal, Rider


What was your favorite part about Baco? The best part of baco is every rider getting along! It’s family filled 

Did the event exceed your expectations of it? The event is never a disappointment it’s amazing every year 
Can you describe the event in 1 word? One word? BACO 💯
Are you going to come back next year? I attend every year, bmx is full blown & family!
-Joe Battaglia, Rider


Credits: Sam Curro Photography