AI – Scotty Kline

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          Scotty Kline is a local at The Kitchen Skatepark and the O’Brian skatepark (South Bend Outdoor). If you follow him on Instagram (@kline_scotty) you would see him doing what he loves and that is riding his bike and playing with a Kendama. He is a expert at sliders, and chinks. He just released his edit a week ago thats full of madness! The video is below, you should check it out. Scotty Kline is all about having fun on his BMX bike anyway he can.

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What is your favorite place to ride? My hometown park obrien skatepark. It’s not much but the bowl is dialed. 

How long have you been riding?  Not exactly sure I think somewhere around 10 years. 

What got you into riding? I got a lottery ticket for Easter. I won like $150 went to the bike shop and bought a haro backtrail x1. 

What inspires you to ride? Going out with my homies and having fun. Riding around finding new spots to ride and learning new tricks. 

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX so far? I couldn’t point to just one but I have got to meet and ride with so many great riders I’ve looked up to and have seen on tv and even played as them in video games when I was younger. I have gone to some pretty awesome places I never thought I’d go as well, and have even rode in some dialed contests on the road as well. 

What is the biggest problem in BMX that you have noticed? How do you resolve that problem? ​ I see a lot of people getting into bmx expecting to get rich and famous rather than riding because it’s fun and it’s just what you love doing 

Who is your favorite rider? Why? Glenn Salyers for sure. I seen him ride no pegs brakes when I first met him and shred the shit out of a skatepark then go to four pegs no brakes and straight kill the street. the guy can flow any park like as if he rode there every day and would do the wildest shit down handrails. it’s insane to just sit back and watch him ride.

Do you like your BMX scene Where you live? It’s not the best but it’s pretty good here. Got a lot of good friend that have known each other awhile and all ride together and there’s some pretty good spots to hit out here. 

What made you learn all of your slider tricks and what made you learn how to do a slider? My bro Glenn Salyers showed me a video of Rick Moliterno and some other guys doing crazy shit like 540 footjam whip sliders. I liked how abnormal but smooth it looked to land that way and you don’t really see many people doing them much. so I learned them and then started throwing bars and other tricks in with it. 

When you go to ride do you have a idea for new tricks or just go there and whatever comes to you, you try? Sometimes yeah I’ll have a trick set in my mind before I head to the park but most times I’ll just go ride and Ill think of a trick and try it or see someone do something that will give me an idea to try out. 

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