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          In January 2010 Nowear was started. That is when this company started but the meaning behind the company started long before 2010. When Karl Hinkley was 16 years old he started a clothing company and over the years had rode and looked up to Standard, S&M, FBM, etc. With looking up to this American BMX companies he thought that more BMX companies should be more rider owned, in time his wife and himself created Nowear are a clothing company but is slowly turning into a full blown BMX company with very unique handlebars, frame and a sprocket that is dropping soon! Nowear has still kept to their ethics and beliefs that they started with such as helping out others as best they can and putting a smile on a kids face, they look at it not as their job but the reason they are alive. To make other happy and to have passion for a great sport!

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Can we expect more unique bmx parts like the Mike D frame? Absolutely, Nowear is driven by offering the highest quality parts possible that all have a unique purpose. We think outside the box and are trying to offer parts that address specific needs for riders. For example: The candybar handlebar design started as a personal pair of bars for myself. I had gone through multiple knee surgeries making it hard for me to extend my leg straight or do it with any quick motion. I wanted a bar that had the deepest crossbar possible while keeping the high quality strength of an American made BMX product. My friend Rick Moliterno at Standard bikes has been a rock star in helping me manufacturer all my crazy ideas. My unique bars started gaining more and more interest and the desire to produce a line available for the public was strongly there. I’m proud to say hundreds of pairs later we are continuing to sell our bars along with multiple other products all designed to target certain needs and wants in BMX. We won’t ever make parts just to make them, we will remain unique and always be 100% American made producing the highest quality we can and supporting other rider owned companies and shops.

How do you pick someone to be on the Nowear bmx team? There are a couple things that help us decide who reps our brand. 1. Everyone has been to a park, race track or spot and rode with someone that makes others feel good, that person that is simply a blast to session with. I try to have all our team members represent exactly that, someone who is nice to everyone and riding to have fun and help their fellow riders. 2. Second chances, having grown up being in and out of trouble along with my friends I know the importance of second chances and people believing in you. When we started Nowear we knew lots of kids that needed help. Many of our riders have gone through a probationary period of bettering their lives and earning a spot with Nowear by doing so, giving them a goal or something to look forward to has made a huge impact of countless people thus far. On a broader perspective just think of the long term effects that has on our communities. Take one kid who may have had a rough rode ahead causing mayhem etc. Turn that around and they can be a positive force not only to themselves but everyone around them, other future kids, riders etc. The more riders that represent BMX in a positive way the better our chances are of our communities seeing the need to give us places to ride and treat us with more respect.

What are some future plans with Nowear? (events, New clothing/parts, new riders) For the future I’d say it’s wide open and you never know what all is in store. We have several new part ideas that are on the horizon that we are very excited about, a huge portfolio of apparel ideas as always. Lots of plans for future events etc. Our annual “Bike Like a Girl” jam and the “Cornhuckit” event will remain a yearly thing for sure.

Why has Nowear kept such a strong base in the youth? We have kept a strong base with the youth because they are the future of the sport and the beginning mold or where we are heading. Helping instill positivity with kids then in turn spider webs to their friends and helps continue to grow our sport for everyone. I base our company, riders and training facility off being the opposite of a clique. Clique are something that by design make a certain small group feel good while everyone outside that group feels like crap. I grew up being bullied and disliking school a lot, thats the reason I was so attracted to BMX in the first place. With Nowear we are admit about making everyone feel like family even if it’s your first time to the compound. We are not to cool for anyone, we are all just people trying to feel accepted, it may sound a bit hippie-ish but hey if anyone has an issue with that than I’d say sucks for you. Being a part of something bigger than any one person is an awesome thing and we’ve built a foundation based on exactly that. No matter what your race, gender, age or skill level your welcomed with open arms with us, smile and have fun thats what it’s all about.

Is Nowear main focus in BMX apparel or BMX bike company? What started out as mainly apparel is slowly moving it’s way towards full on bike company. We will always offer american fun threads but have our sites on continuing to make more and more hard parts etc.

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Credits: Photos – TJL Photos @TJL_photos

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