AI – Nick Yanetta

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          During the winter of 2016-2017 I went to Rays Indoor MTB park and I was over in the resi foam section and I was trying to land switch ghost feeble 270 foot jam. A guy that was really good at unturndowns congratulated me when I landed it after the second or third time. I had no clue who this guy was but he was pumped that I landed this. I bet he doesn’t remember this but I do, I do remember this because it reminded me that BMX is about progression of a sport in every skill level! If you ride BMX you are family. The guys that congratulated me is, Nick Yanetta.

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How long have you been riding? About ten years I think.

What got you into riding? I used to ride mountain bike trails with my friends when I was younger and that eventually turned into riding street with a bmx bike. Now I ride mostly park.

Do you like to do tech tricks (liplord) or do jumps over boxs? I like tech tricks more because there is an endless possibility of ways to link up tricks. However, I think landing a box jump trick feels more rewarding because there is higher risk. Usually I warm up with tech tricks and then ride box jumps.

How did you learn intables or unturndown things that you do? I was terrible at them at first. I learned them fly out on Chenga’s resi and then took them to quarters and then added them to 360’s. One day I just figured them out somehow. I still suck at inverts though.

What are your winter plans? I might do a couple weeks of shows with Thriller BMX which would put me on the road for a bit. I’ll most likely just be riding Chenga and Ray’s MTB this winter like usual. Hopefully I’ll get a few Woodward sessions in and visit other local skateparks too.

Any tricks got planned? Not really. I usually just see where the session takes me. Sometimes my friends and I will think of something to try into foam and one of us will usually land it. I’ve been working on getting 720’s back and front flips better. The only other trick I’ve been wanting to do is an oppo whip to footjam whip back.

Are you going to be entering more contests? Do you like contests?  I like to ride local jams but that’s about it. I’m not a big fan of riding in larger contests like the Recon Tour or Toronto Jam because its a lot of pressure and my runs usually fall apart. That being said, I’m sure I’ll be entering in pro at Toronto Jam this year because of pressure from my riding friends.

What is the biggest problem in BMX that you have noticed? How do you resolve that problem? I would say the fake division between park, street, and dirt riders and talking trash about one another. Just because someone doesn’t have pegs doesn’t mean they can’t ride street and so on. Everyone is riding the same sport regardless of bike setup and I think there should be more respect there. Especially with the nitro circus guys riding resi and not having any of their tricks “count.” What they do is crazy and should be respected. Although it is definitely not as cool to land a triple backflip to resi as it is to dirt, its still a crazy trick and counts in my book.

Who is your favorite rider? Why?  Mark Webb. He’s been my favorite rider for a while now because he can literally do any trick he wants to even if its not the most stylish looking thing. I’m more into tricks than style if you couldn’t already tell.

What type of rider do you consider yourself? I’m definitely a park rider but I still ride street for fun every now and then even though I’m not great at it.

Are there any place you plan on traveling by the end of 2018? I definitely want to go to the Mega Caverns trails in Kentucky as well as Ollies skatepark. Other than that I just want to hit as many new parks as I can because its always fun riding new things.

What is your favorite place to ride? Locally, Chenga. Modern skatepark in Michigan is my all time favorite park though.

What is the dream place to ride? Mission Valley in San Diego. I went there a few months ago and it was closed for repair so I couldn’t ride it. I was pretty disappointed.

What kind of music do you listen to when you ride? Anything but country really. I used to like metal and dubstep as much as I hate to admit it. But now I’ll listen to rap, alternative or electronic music.

What is your favorite web edit or video part? Spencer Foresman has sick vlogs. But I used to like watching contest videos the most. Such as the Nike 6.0 pool jam or NASS festival contest off the top of my head.

What are three of you dream sponsors? I wouldn’t want a bike sponsor because then you are forced to run their parts. So with that logic, Danscomp would be cool for parts.  Nike if they still had a bmx team. I would settle for Vans now. And some other clothing sponsor. Too bad Levis has been out of bmx. I think riders make more money from shows than they do from sponsorships from what I’ve heard anyway so I’m not big on sponsors.

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