AI – Nick Bruce

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In 2012 I saw Nick Bruce ride for the first time at the Kitchen Pro/Am. He did a whiplash and the announce Trevor Gay called it his signature trick. After that day Nick Bruce was on my radar. I have been following him since then and hope to catch some sessions with him.


How did you get into BMX? I saw XGames BMX dirt on the tv when I was 8 years old (maybe) & literally fell in love with the idea of people jumping bikes.

How long have you been riding for? Roughly 12-14 years

Who are your sponsors? My current sponsors are Rockstar Energy Drink, Total BMX, Kali Protectives, Jack Links Jerky, Krusher BMX, & Alienation BMX

What are some contest you have competed in? There are many, but to name a few; XGames, Nitro World Games, & the FISE World Series.

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX as of right now? Honestly, my biggest accomplishment in BMX is being in the position that I get to wake up everyday with only one obligation, which is to become a better BMX rider & a better person on & off the bike. It’s seriously an amazing feeling to wake up everyday with the freedom to do what you love, so I work hard to make sure I can do everything I can to sustain this feeling & lifestyle

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What are some contests you rode in throughout 2017? I had the chance to ride in almost every contest this year! Including XGames BMX Park & Dirt, Nitro World Games, & all except for one FISE world stop. 

What is your mindset when competing in competitions? Does it alter for different contest or do you have the same for each contest you compete in? My mindset always stays the same & it’s that I’m there to just enjoy riding my bike. It’s easy to become focused on results, because of course I want to do well & win, but now I honestly feel like I’ve already won before the results are even announced. I remind myself I’m in a different country or somewhere new to me just to compete on my bike & I seriously find it amazing. 

Plus, sharing the same course with my heroes & watching the other riders throw down gets me super me excited, so I can only hope I’m doing the same for someone else with my riding. Either way, I’m loving every second of it hahah.

What are some highlights from the year? Winning the XGames Park qualifier event in Boise, Idaho. It was seriously the craziest feeling knowing you just earned your way into something you’ve always dreamt about being a part of. But ultimately the biggest highlight is getting to wake up & ride my bike everyday. 

Did you learn any major tricks that you are pumped about in 2017? There’s a bunch, I feel like I learn something new every session & I love it. Even if it is something as little as a backflip E.T… Lol but maybe the Barrel Roll Triple TailWhip is one of the major tricks I’m excited to have done this year.

You have a prototype for your signature Total BMX frame, have you figured out a name or narrowed down the list? I do have a prototype for my signature TotalBMX frame, which has been my favorite frame because it’s been feeling so amazing. I am still stumped & cannot figure out a name hahah, so any suggestions, please let me know! 

When do you think the frame is going to drop to the public? We are hoping for spring 2018! We want to clean up a few things. Of course without the name, the decals along with the other small details are still in the works.

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What are your expectations and goals for 2018? I’m going into 2018 with the same mindset as 2017, which is having the sole purpose to love & appreciate every moment I get to ride & travel. It may sound too simple, to be honest, because I enjoy it so much. Yet, it’s also super easy to get distracted by results or the less desirable outcomes. 

So I find the best thing to do is to just be grateful for the time we have on the bike & the fact that there’s even a platform & space for us to compete, perform, & practice riding BMX bikes.

 I seriously kept this mentality all of 2017 and it was my best year of my career, so obviously it works & it has seriously been so motivating. 

What are some contest you plan on going to for 2018? The contest schedule for 2018 is already piling up with many events which is amazing. I plan to compete in practically all of them just like 2017! 

Where do you want to travel to and ride in 2018? There’s talk about a new FISE stop in Japan! So I’m looking forward to that. But honestly, I super excited to ride Ray’s MTB & Chenga World Skatepark as I do when I fly somewhere. It’s funny because both are about 10 minutes away from my home lol. 

The hefty traveling gives me the perfect balance of excitement. Where I’m pumped to ride the local parks at home & pumped to fly somewhere & ride a new course.

Do you believe that you will have the same mindset as you do now in 2018?  1000% !

How much Jack Links Jerky will it take for you to never eat Jack Links Jerky again? Hahaha! Good question, so far I haven’t found the answer because I’m still addicted & can’t stop eating it lol.


Credits: Flair Downwhip – Cedric De Rodot, Backflip Tailwhip – Kyle Carlson, 360 Triple Downside Tailwhip – Leigh Ramsdell

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