AI – Max Myslewski

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          I remember my time at Camp Woodward with Max he was just learning barspins, with a couple years later he is a pro at bearskins and many other tricks. I love watching his Instagram videos (@maxlikesbikes) because they are so dialed in the sense of focusing on one trick at a time. Max is from Greensburg, Pennsylvania which is about 45 minutes from The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh and with the parks I see on his Instagram, they are his own peices of candy. If you like to see dialed riding in plazas and street go follow him!

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How old are you? 19

How long have you been riding?  About 4.5 years

What got you into riding?  I had become friends with someone who rode; I saw him do a 180 and my mind was blown haha. He helped me pick out a nice Fit Benny 1 complete to get started and now we ride together all the time. s/o @nicross688

Overall in street which do you like riding more? (ledges, rails, backs, stairs?)  I love manual pads and little stairsets. I try to change it up and ride everything though. 

When you go to ride do you have a idea for new tricks or just go there and whatever comes to you, you try?  If I try to plan something before the session it usually doesn’t work out, so I just think of stuff while I’m at the park or spot. 

What are your winter plans? Any tricks got planned?  Winters in Pennsylvania suck sometimes. I ride my local when it’s not covered in snow. If I can afford it I’ll ride the two indoor parks in the Pittsburgh area, the wheel mill and grindworks icehouse. I suck at riding quarters, so my only goal is to get better at riding transitions!

Are you going to be entering contest? Do you like contest?  I’d like to enter some contests if I get the chance. I just got back from the born and raised contest in Texas, and I regret not competing. 

Who is your favorite rider? Why? Hunter Andrews for sure. He kills it, rides everything, has style, and is creative. Go follow him @hunterandrews_11

What is the biggest problem in BMX that you have noticed? How do you resolve that problem?  Not enough bmx memes. Someone needs to get on that.  But in all seriousness, I don’t really pay attention to everything in bmx. I just try to ride and have fun. 

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What type of rider do you consider yourself? I don’t really know. I mostly ride street plaza type stuff, so I’m kind of a park rat. 

Are there any place you plan on traveling by the end of 2018? I definitely wanna make it back to Orlando and LA at some point. Both have good riding scenes, and I miss my friends there.

What is your favorite place to ride? I like riding anywhere as long as I’m with a fun group of people. Riding alone usually sucks. 

What is the dream place to ride?   I’m just trying to ride as many new places as possible. If I ever make it out of the US, I’d like to ride joyride 150 in Canada. 

What is your favorite web edit or video part?  This is a difficult question. Probably one of Devon Smillie’s edits or Mikey Tyra’s Michigan video part, but I can’t pick one favorite. 

Who are your sponsors? Ethik Clothing Co. S/O to @ethikbmx

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Credits: Portorit – @zenensaneshige, Bunny Hop over car – @dvlandylxan

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