AI – Marcus Wolk

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          Backflip Tailwhips, Backflip bearskins, 360 downside tailwhips, truck drivers, these are some tricks that take years ad years to learn. You have to learn bike control, which way to lean on the bike in mid air, kick your feet up on a flip, spot your landing, and the most important of all is the commitment. After two and a half years of riding Marcus has landed all of these tricks and many more! His most recent trick is a backflip tail whip over a 6 foot spine at Chenga. The video is on his Instagram @marcus_wolk (go follow him!). With living in Cleveland Marcus is around a great BMX community such as Nick Bruce, Tommy Crail, Paul Rad and many more. Being around all these influential riders had helped his riding capabilities a lot. Marcus also stayed at Camp WoodWard for a extended period of time when working there. Marcus Wolk is a progressive rider and is all for BMX!

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What got you into riding? It was something I messed around with as a kid. I would build little dirt jumps and go to the skate park when I could get a ride. I got more serious with hockey when I turned about 14 and stopped. Fast forward to 19 years old and I was hanging out with the wrong people, making all the wrong choices, and needed a positive outlet in my life and riding sounded like fun to me. I started taking it very serious after only a month or so of riding, and now here I am.

Do you think working out and eating healthier have made you a better rider? How? Oh hell yes. I was definitely a little overweight and that’s how I first got into it. Losing all the excess weight made tricks so much easier and I could ride for longer periods of time. Now that I have my body where I want it I’m more focused on getting stronger and faster. As far as diet goes, I eat clean and eat a TON of food so I have as much energy to ride and progress as possible.

Do you plan on going back out to WoodWard in the summer? Probably not.

What is your favorite place to ride? Chenga by far.

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Who is your favorite rider? Why? I love all the pros in their own way, but Nick Bruce is my biggest inspiration. Not only is he one of the best riders in the world but his work ethic and positivity has inspired me and changed my life.

What type of rider do you consider yourself? I’m obviously more of a park rider, but I’ll ride whatever when I’m with my friends.

Are there any place you plan on traveling by the end of 2018? I really want to try to go to Fise Montpellier.

What is the dream place to ride? Adrenaline Alley in the UK.

What kind of music do you listen to when you ride? EDM and rap.

What is your favorite web edit or video part? All the Rob Armour edits.

What are three of you dream sponsors? My all time dream sponsor is Total BMX. Any energy drink and a supplement sponsor would be sick too.

What are your winter plans? Any tricks got planned? My plan this winter is to work my ass off while having as much fun as I can. I have a ton of tricks I want to learn, and also get better at everything I have now. I’m also more focused on tech now too. As far as what I have planned you can expect even more flips whip and bars haha.

Are you going to be entering more contests? Do you like contests? Yeah for sure. In 2018 I plan on going to everything here in the US and making it to at least 1 Fise stop. I’m super excited for the Monster dirt contests more than anything.

What is the biggest problem in BMX that you have noticed? How do you resolve that problem? The biggest problem I had was feeling the need to force myself to do my hardest tricks all the time. I felt I needed to be full blown send it mode all the time to reach my goals and that isn’t true. I was so burnt out at one point I was thinking about quitting. Since then I just ride to have fun, and do my tricks when I’m feeling it. If I want to chill I chill, if I want to send it I send it. I just make sure it doesn’t feel like I’m forcing myself to do anything. I have found riding way more fun this way and I am progressing more this way too.

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