AI – Kohl Denney

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          There are people that ride a 20 inch bicycle that rarely leave the ground and they have fun, then the people that are slow and low and they have a blast, then there is the in-between of going high and also doing fun on the ground which is the majority of BMX. Let me tell you though if you go to Kohl’s Instagram page (@kohlfromsd) you will see insane, sketchy, big air time, madness. As Kohl puts “Your mom’s favorite stuntman” as in his bio. Most of the videos are filmed by his wife which is gnarly because she is supporting this! This video on the right is what made me notice Kohl and after seeing this I immediately hit him up! The reason I messaged him is because he is a mad man but because he enjoys to ride bikes and push his limits. Kohl is a BMX rider from San Diego!

How did you get into BMX? I remember riding in circles in the driveway with the training wheels, so I think I just picked it up naturally. 

What goes through your mind before you do something insane? I don’t know if it’s confidence in my riding or stupidity, but I always picture myself riding away safe. As long as the angles make sense in my mind. 

How long have you been riding for? I think I when I was 2 years old I started riding laps around my dad’s lawn chair. Then he started taking me to the race track. 

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX? My biggest accomplishment with bmx is probably just paying it forward. Like teaching my son to ride, or helping a grom to learn a trick.  

What is your biggest problem you see in BMX? Flat tires. These days you can be completely independent on putting yourself out there. My wife films most my stuff now. I’m able to stay in my own bubble and avoid any problems. 

What has to be the gnarliest set up you have rode? I use wood from a chicken coop I tore down to build jumps. I forget wear gloves sometimes and get splinters. I heard Bird Flu is really gnarly.  

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