AI – Justin Dowell

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          Tailwhip bar spin at the same time, a “Twix.” This is a trick that few riders have landed and those who do land it have stood out in the community of BMX. Justin Dowell is a guy that has this trick dialed to the fact of adding combinations to it such as 180 Twix fakie half cab bar, or even the most recent 360 Twix that he landed in his new monster edit with Brian Fox. I met Justin at The Kitchen Contest back in April and seeing him throw quadruple bar spin 360’s were insane and doing a Twix air on a quarter! Justin is a gnarly shredder that rides with all of the pros at Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex (DDASC) in North Carolina. Justin has a bright future ahead of him only being age 17.

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How long have you been riding?  12 years

What got you into riding? I got into riding because the city i grew up in, Virginia Beach, built a new skate park. My brothers got into it and i of course followed them in.

What inspires you to ride? I get a lot of inspiration from just having fun with my friends, when everyone is riding the best sessions go down and i feel super motivated.

When you go to ride do you have a idea for new tricks or just go there and whatever comes to you, you try?  Its a mixture of I saw someone do it in a video, someone calls it out, or i just have the sudden erge to try it. I can go to the park and not learn anything, or i can go and learn 5 things

What are your winter plans for BMX?  Winter is for training mostly, but I have the Florida Series and Simple Session.

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX so far?  My biggest accomplishment was probably getting 3rd at Summer Simple Session right behind Daniel Dhers, and Kostya Andreev. Just being on the same podium was an honor

What is the biggest problem in BMX that you have noticed? How do you resolve that problem? The biggest problem I think is that everyone is instantly categorized “street”, “park rat”, “dirt rider”, etc… and thats wrong because we are all bmxers that enjoy different things. I occasionally go ride dirt, or I’ll go ride downtown and have just as much fun as riding the skatepark. Everyone just needs to accept riders for what they enjoy and not categorize them.

What is your Favorite FISE stop? My favorite one to attend was Budapest… amazing city with rich culture .

With riding DDASC and all the great riders there and the progression that is there how does that affect you and your riding? Does it motivate you more? Riding with all those guys definently motivates me, but also its a great way to learn. They all help me out with whatever i need… on and off the bike.

What is your favorite competition you have been to in your riding career? Favorite Contest was defiantly Simple Session, epic contest with huge ramps. Also great judging and such an amazing city Tallinn is!

What is some advice you would give to a BMX rider that is kinda falling out of BMX?  Just stick with it, have fun and express your passion. You don’t have to do the gnarliest tricks but as long as you do what makes you happy thats all that matters. Enjoy the freedom of being on the ramp around all your closest friends!

Who are your sponsors? Radio Bikes and Monster Army

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Who is your favorite rider? Why? Hmmm thats a hard one… probably Daniel Dhers. He has been at the top for so long, I have the privilege of learning from him and riding with him everyday and he is not stopping anytime soon!

What type of rider do you consider yourself? I am an all around rider. I enjoy it all 

Are there any place you plan on traveling by the end of 2018?  Chengdu, China for the last stop of Fise and the world Championship

What is your favorite place to ride? Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex… it has everything I need to progress.

What is the dream place to ride?  Joyride 150 in Toronto. The sessions there look so fun.

What is your favorite web edit or video part? Garret Reynolds Dreamline… 10+ minutes of insanity.

Do you like your BMX scene Where you live? I love it, I get to ride with Pros all the time and i get to help out the younger kids.

What made you try and learn how to do “Twix”? I wanted to learn the twix because its something that can make me stand out. I enjoy tailwhips, and I enjoy barspins… so why not combine it. Haha

Who pushes you in your riding?  Every contest I get a little better and better so i always look forward to the next. Also, the olympics is something to look so forward to getting a chance to be in!

What is your goal with the last stop at FISE? Any tricks in mind?  My goal is to finish out the season top 20 in points! Also, I wanna do the 360 twix, pretty confident with them now!

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