AI – Jacob Short

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          The summer of 2015, week 2. Woodward East. This is when I met Jacob Short. It was his first year at Woodward and he has gone back every summer since, in fact he was a consular this past summer. In 2015 he learned 360 over the rest spine then right after that truck driver, then after that a good ol’ backflip. He did all these tricks with in 15 minutes, I knew from this moment he had serious talent. Jacob had progressed a lot with riding his ramps in his backyard and other places. Jacob knows how to have fun on a bike, thats for sure. I haven’t seen Jacob for probably 2 and a half years then one day I see him at The Fort Wayne Indoor contest for The Battle for The Midwest. We remembered each other and created a memory, BMX brings people together and creates memories with one another. I can’t wait to ride with him again.

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How long have you been riding?  I have been riding since the beginning of 2011. So it will be 7 years come January

What got you into riding?  I think what got me into riding the most has got to be my passion for things with two wheels as well as trying to be a daredevil like my dad. When I was younger I use to race motocross with my dad and my older brother but that got cut short by a severe head injury. So I found bmx by watching the x games and started messing around and just started progressing from there.

What inspires you to ride? I think what inspires me to ride the most is progressing. I love learning new tricks and going out of my comfort zone.

When you go to ride do you have an idea for new tricks or just go there and whatever comes to you, you try? I think it depends on the day really. I write down tricks I want to learn and every session I try and learn something off of that list. I also have days where I have a random idea to try something and it gets me determined to go for it. For the most part though I like to come up with ideas for new tricks before I start riding. I think this gets me more determined to try something new because I visualize it in my head rather than just winging it.

What are your winter plans for BMX? This winter, like all the other ones, I try to travel as much as I can to indoor skate parks around me and occasionally go on further trips to other indoor parks. I also plan on gym training this year because I think it will help me be a better rider. Also, I know I won’t get to go to indoor parks every day of the winter so I’m going to try and make the most of it.

What is the dream place to ride? My dream place to ride has got to be Joyride or the Village because of all the crazy stuff that goes down there and the pros who ride there.

Do you like your BMX scene Where you live?  The bmx scene where I live is almost non-existent. I ride alone the majority of the time cause no one else really rides in my hometown. I feel more people would ride or would get into bmx if there were some good parks to ride.

What is your most memorable moment at Camp Woodward?  I think the most memorable moments at Woodward are just the experiences you make with all the people who are there. Weather that be pros, campers, or the staff members, the atmosphere at Woodward is just like no other and I think that is why Woodward itself is so memorable.

Will you be going back to Camp Woodward next year?  I plan on it but I’m not sure which one I am going to go to next year. Either Woodward West or Woodward East. 

Who pushes you in your riding?  The person who pushes me the most in riding has definitely got to be myself. Since I ride alone a lot I am constantly pushing myself to learn new things or work on tricks I want to get better at.

What is some advice you would give to a BMX rider that is kind of falling out of BMX? People start falling out of bmx usually because it loses its fun or their friends no longer ride anymore. So being someone who often rides alone I’d say that bmx is only fun if you make it fun. If you are doing the same tricks over and over its going to get old and you will get bored with it. So trying to learn new tricks is a good way of making bmx more fun, especially when you learn something new.

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX so far?  My personal biggest accomplishment in bmx so far I think is learning double backflips. I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to learn them since I started and just being able to accomplish one of my goals is awesome.

Who is your favorite rider? Why?  My favorite rider is Nick Bruce because he is for sure one of the humblest and nicest pro riders that I’ve met. He’s always smiling and keeps a positive attitude and not to mention he dominates on a bmx bike.

What type of rider do you consider yourself?  If you would have asked me this question when I first started I would have told you street and nothing else haha. Now I consider myself an all-around rider. I am happy riding anything really whether it be street, park, dirt, or even just riding on the flat as long as I’m having fun that’s all that matters.

Are there any places you plan on traveling by the end of 2018? Yes, I want to travel more than just the Midwest like I have been lately and I plan on traveling out to the lower East Coast and going to North Carolina and Florida.

What is the biggest problem in BMX that you have noticed? How do you resolve that problem? The biggest problem in bmx I’ve noticed is self-doubt and people getting down on themselves because they can’t do something. I myself have learned that keeping a positive attitude while riding is way more enjoyable than a negative one. A positive attitude in bmx can go a long way and is a good way to build up mental strength which is a huge part in being able to learn new tricks. A positive attitude also just makes riding more fun and that is really what bmx is all about.

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