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How old are you? I am 21 years old, going on 22 in a couple months

How long have you been riding? I’ve been riding for around 6 years 

What got you into riding? I use to ride around the city I grew up in with a huge group of my friends after school and we would do wheelies past cars and think we were the coolest kids because of it. I had a blue mongoose bike from Walmart that I had gotten for Christmas from my friends Dad because he always saw the bike I had before was always broken somehow. Eventually I started sneaking my way up to the skatepark because my parents wouldn’t actually let me ride there by myself for stupid reasons, so I’d tell them I’m going on a bike ride and I technically wasn’t wrong haha. Then eventually I started learning tricks and more and more tricks on my Walmart Mongoose bike until I finally had gotten my first complete bike that my Grandma had bought me and things kinda took off from there!

What inspires you to ride? My friends do. Everyone that I grew up riding with that are now my closest friends are awesome. I mostly ride with Johnny Delbalso, which always ends up being the sickest sessions. His influence definitely has made me into the better rider I am today. 

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What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX so far? Hm that’s a tough question. I think getting over my fear of getting hurt riding may be one of them. I hate to have something hold me back because I’m thinking about every possible bad thing that could happen if I don’t commit to a trick. Commitment is key to everything.

What is the biggest problem in BMX that you have noticed? How do you resolve that problem? This question has so many opinions to it but I guess that’s what interviewing different riders are for haha. I don’t think there is anything wrong with BMX, it’s the riders not the sport. The way people put themselves out there and how they act. You can’t resolve that problem because that’s a personal problem that some people don’t understand, which is fine because it doesn’t effect me and my riding so I really don’t care what people do. Although I will say, I’m not too hyped on the people who think they’re too good for everyone and strictly ride one thing but I get it. Also there is a lot of joking and sarcasm in BMX and I’m not sure if people understand that either, it’s BMX! It’s not that serious 

Who is your favorite rider? Why? Favorite local Pro is Johnny. One of the best people I’ve met from the Lake County area and is always down to ride and film. He’s always helped me out with bike parts or taking me on riding trips and contests. Definitely one of the best bike riders in Ohio, and favorite Big Pro is probably Dennis Enarson. Any which way that dude rides, he kills everything. 

What is your favorite place to ride?  Rays and Chenga forsure during the winter months in Ohio. And during the summer and fall I like to ride the streets and film clips for a video part one day. I also love riding prefab parks because they all aren’t the same and have the craziest weirdest set ups that are so stupid sometimes but usually turn out to be the most fun. Especially when I find a new park to ride. I’m always looking.

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What is the dream place to ride? A dream place to ride would be Chenga1. I here all these great stories about all the sessions that ever went down there and any day you go you’d always see a random Pro. I just wish I had the chance to ride there Atleast once and atleast try to stay out of Doritos way and not get ran over by him.

What is your favorite web edit or video part? I love watching the old props mega tours and just seeing all the insanity unfold over the years. The backflips dudes would try and complete scorpion themselves and get up like it was nothing, insane. Riding back then was crazy and watching all those same riders progress throughout every episode is nuts.

What is one way you deal with injuries? Depends if the injury is crippling to me or not. If I’m in a cast and I’m out for weeks or months then I’m pretty much stuck at home playing Xbox, watching Netflix or playing with my cats. But if I it’s not super bad I try and ride through the pain because I love being on my bike. I know it’s not the best thing to do but it works for me.

What is one thing you love about BMX?  The first time you land a new trick is and always will be the best feeling. Also I love doing a nice floaty 360 over a box, I imagine doing a floaty backflip would feel the same. Also the pay off of doing a nose wheelie for a long distance is such an achievement haha!

What is one thing you look forward to every year in BMX? One thing I’m looking forward to is more bmx, hopefully a few bmx trips this winter to different parks and maybe a few states would be tight! And expanding my trick bag a little more! 

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to in BMX? Anywhere that is warm! I love florida. That whole state and all the riders there are so sick and definitely the nicest people. They also have those amazing Maitland Trannies that if you’re in Florida that’s the one spot you can’t miss out on because it’s a holy grail of spots. I use to dream of riding it until it because a reality

What was one of your most memorable BMX memory? Winning Rookie of the year in 2015 was for me. That was the peak of my contest career and for me to win that contest at my favorite indoor park was a dream come true. Then fast forward a couple months to Toronto Jam where I placed 2nd in AM, which was amazing for my first time doing a really big contest with the pressure I gave myself. It was so awesome to hear my name get called down to podium that night! 

Do you have tricks that you have in mind or are in the middle of learning?  Well I just learned how to do handplants over spines and things of that nature Friday night at Chenga. I always saw people do them and they looked so sick. So Johnny and I buckled down and he landed them before me and it took a few more days for me to figure out the motion of it but it was definitely rewarding to land! I eventually want to find the perfect setup for a hang5 tailwhip. Coming soon one of these years haha

What are your BMX plans for 2018?  My plans are going to be the same as they have been for years now, ride as much as possible and just feel great on and off my bike. Get out travel and have fun!

For anyone trying to learn hang fives what are three tips to give?

Be comfortable falling over the bars. Once you get that down you’ll find your balance point

Try to do it in an empty parking lot and go spot to spot until you do the whole damn parking lot

And for my third tip is to be patient. Patience is the key to that trick because for some it comes easier than others. It took me a year to get them as good as I can do them. Which leads to all the other nose tricks. One day you can become as nosey as I am 

Do you plan on going to contest in 2018? If so, which ones? I’m not sure yet, I’m thinking about going to Toronto Jam in March but I’ll have to step up to the pro class becuase I’ve graduated from AM haha. If there are any local comps coming up then forsure I’ll go. Gotta support the locals

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