Dylan Moskal

Hi my name is Dylan Moskal and I’m 24 years young. I’ve been riding for about 14 years now, I got into riding by not having parents that were always around and using my bike as a source of transportation and just started jumping up and down curbs and what not.

 I’d say the biggest inspiration for me to ride is just trying to land that next big trick and having all the homies there to witness it. My favorite BMX rider would be Garrett Reynolds and Dennis Enarson the reason being I like that they were friends for so long and just pushed one another to progress to such a level. My favorite place to ride would have to be these secret jumps up in the Beverly Hills they’re freaking insane!! My dream place to ride would be the dirt jumps in New Zealand they look huge and scenic.
 The one thing I love about BMX which I’m sure most people love as well is the family that comes with it. BMX has brought me to a bunch of different locations but I’d have to say Los Angeles an the hometown Chicago takes the win. I’d say only problem in BMX would have to be the lack of indoor skate parks here in the Midwest ( the scene kind of dies in the winter)! 
A memorable moment in BMX would have to be when me and my buddy Nolan took a week trip out to LA, not a care in the world just us and our bikes the energy was unreal and I’ll remember those moments forever. Dealing with an injury always sucks I just try to stay off of it and ice it as much as possible and focus on other hobbies for the moment and don’t let that time off the bike go to waste.
 Chicago Action Sports is a nonprofit organization, my involvement with them is to teach and support kids with life and that there’s other things out there than the bad habits that surround. BMX has affected my life in so many great ways but I’d have to say the best part of it all is the family and health I have because of it. 
 Chi-town riding! What can I say Savage! And if anyone’s ever rode chicago or rode with me downtown they know what I’m talking about. (That chi-town flow) 

Credits: Portrait and Ice Chink – Logan Velez @dethlis

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