AI – Dakota Bratt

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How old are you? I’m 23

How ling have you been riding? I’ve been riding bmx for 9 years 

How did you get into BMX? I got into riding BMX by simply seeing it in person. I used to play basketball at a local park that happened to have a skatepark next to it. I would look over and see these guys doing backflips and hauling ass. It caught my attention super fast and I knew right then and there, I wanted a bike. 

What inspires you to ride BMX? The feeling of being free inspires me to ride. I grew up playing a lot of team sports and I didn’t like it very well. I didn’t like being “that one quiet kid” who was just part of a team. When I found BMX, it gave me a sense and feeling of joy. I could be as creative as I want and do anything I wanted. I didn’t have a coach to tell me what to do or how to do it. With BMX, I do what I want and I can express myself through it. 

What is your biggest accomplishment in BMX? My biggest accomplishment with bmx would be never giving up on myself as a rider. I stayed true to myself, and continued to keep on riding, no matter what happened because it’s something I love. 

What is your biggest problem you noticed in BMX? The biggest problem in bmx that I have noticed is expectations. What I mean by this is when a kid sees a professional do crazy tech lines on a ledge, that kid feels like they have to know how to do that to get anywhere or “be good”. They feel like the only way to get sponsored is to be like the pros they look up to. It’s not about that, they should remember why they rode bmx in the first place and always remember to do what they want to do. In the end, we are all doing the same thing.

Who is your favorite rider? I dont have a favorite rider in general because everyone is different. If I had to choose, it would be Courage Adams. I choose Courage because he was underrated for a long time and he finally came up and became huge. He inspired me to do crazy technical manual lines and always keeps it new.

What is your favorite place to ride? My favorite place to ride is Chandler bike park! Its a bmx only park and has some of the best transition in the world. 

What is your dream place to ride? The dream place for me to ride is Barcelona, Spain of course! It just looks amazing. 

What is your favorite web edit/video part? My favorite video part has to be Garretts Deadline part. No words. 

How do you deal with injuries? I’ve had so many injuries over the years, and I deal with them the same way. To be patient, and positive. If you rush an injury, you are going to get hurt again, no doubt. Its very important to be patient. When I shattered my face, it messed me up bad. I had lost a lot of balance, and motivation causing me so much frustration. I had to learn how to do things over again and basically get my fear tolerance back in order. It took a long time, but I was patient and kept positive. I was back stronger before I knew it. 

What is one thing you love about BMX? One thing I love about BMX is the people! I’ve met people from all over the world and its just awesome to have a social circle like that.

What is one thing you look up to every year with in BMX? Every year I look forward to making a new video! Its always fun working on a new project.

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What is your favorite place you have traveled to with in BMX? My favorite place I’ve traveled to because of BMX would have to be Oahu. It was nothing but good times and BMX.

What is your most memorable BMX memory? My most memorable BMX memory is definitely when I 360 barspined over my local skateparks fence. I had no intention of doing it until my friend told me to send it as a joke haha. I ended up breaking my foot pretty bad on the impact and still pedaled away. I ended up having to get surgery but I got the clip so I was stoked anyways haha. 

What are your plans for 2018? My plans for 2018 are to have fun and keep doing what I do. 

Since your manuals are insane, are there any tips you would give to one that in learn how to manual or having trouble with the balancing part? Manuals are definitely my favorite and if I had to give tips it would be to practice them all the time, manual on slopes, and anything you can get your tires on. I used to sit at home and just see how far I could go for hours, then practiced at the local skatepark from quarter to quarter. Just stay consistent and be patient. 

What was your favorite part of Woodward West that you had this last summer? My favorite part at Woodward West was simply helping out the kids. I was focused on making sure they were having fun and if they wanted to learn something, I made sure to try and help them succeed with it. 

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