AI – Chris Maloney

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How old are you? 17.
How long have you been riding? 4 years seriously, but have always been riding and goofing around on a bike.
What got you into riding? I met a good group of friends who made the sport extremely fun and we all progressed together. @tailwhipsquadbmx
What inspires you to ride? I enjoy the feeling of going high in the air and the adrenaline you get when you learn a new trick or do a hard trick.
Who is your favorite rider? Why? Mike Mahon, he is my best friend and someone I will always look up too, I’ve never seen anyone go higher than him and have such a big smile on their face at the same time. 
What is your favorite place to ride? WoodWard East, specifically Lot 8.
What is the dream place to ride?Adrenaline Alley.
What is your favorite web edit or video part? Mike Varga for Dk bicycles.
What is one thing you love about BMX? I love being able to go out and always be able to have a great time with great people no matter what, BMX is one big family.
Where is your favorite place you have traveled to in BMX? I have not traveled much but Rays MTB was by far the most unique and fun to ride.

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Do you have tricks that you have in mind or are in the middle of learning? 360 triple whip, quad whip, and maybe if i find the right setup straight triple whip bar.
What are your BMX plans for 2018? Ride as much as possible, progress, and have as much fun as possible, and try to travel more.
What is a problem that you see with BMX today? People don’t ride their to have fun anymore. they don’t see the sport for what it is, they see it as a constant competition, and they will do anything to be the best even ruining the sport for others.
What is a memorable BMX moment that you remember? Any stories? My best memory was probably my first session with Joel Bondu, or the sessions at Courtice skatepark with theMahon brothers. my first session with Joel was so eye opening to see how amazing he is in person and yet so down to earth. That was the same day I did my first double whip bar on resi and took it straight to wood right after.
What are some ways that you deal with injury? I personally suck with injuries, I can never force myself to stay off my bike long enough to have a full recovery and always end up dragging out the injury longer because of that.
Do you plan on going to some contest in 2018? If so what ones? I would love to make it out to Montpellier for the FISE stop their, and if I can many other FISE world stops.
What is your mindset when learning a new trick? My mindset in learning tricks is to always think of the positive outcome, the feeling you’re going to get when you ride away, or how its going to look when you post it up on Instagram afterwards. I always tell myself to be confident because when you lack confidence when doing a big trick it leads to lack of commitment and failure.
I would like to thank all the boys from @tailwhipsquadbmx and Joyride 150 for always pushing me to be my best and keeping the sport fun!


Credits: Double Tailwhip – @mike_smith019, Invert – Michael Mohon @mike_mohon112

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